5 Great Things to do With Kids and Fotobabble

These five Fotobabbles represent some of the coolest things parents and kids have created using Fotobabble talking photos. Fotobabbles are meant to be shared with friends, family, loved ones, on blogs–and that’s exactly what these hilarious and creative users had in mind when they created them. What will you and your kids come up with? Enjoy!

Sing a Song on a Rainy Day

“Dance Party” (This one is rocks.)

Ventriloquizing your darling baby is oh-so-fun, as seen here in “You Suck, Mom”:

What’s for Lunch?

Get your little performers talking, and you might get results like this masterpiece called “Upside-Up”

Thanks for stopping by! Share your creations with us and show them off on Facebook for friends and family to enjoy.

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