ANNOUNCING: Fotobabble for Facebook Timeline … and More

“Today the very same principles apply to people as to brands: You have an identity, use it. You have a voice, express yourself. Your customers are listening and your customers are talking, so engage them.” – Sheryl Sandberg, COO, Facebook

Sheryl is talking to you. And to Fotobabble, too. We heard her, and we’ve designed Fotobabble for Facebook Timeline to help you express yourself and take customer engagement to the next level. Fotobabble is the only application that let’s you use your real voice to tell your stories on Facebook. Fotobabble for Timeline gives you more ways to express yourself and engage your customers. All of the great Fotobabble features you’ve learned to love – photo contests and voting; “like-gating” with Talking Photos; customized photo galleries; and more are now fully Timeline compatible. What’s New In Fotobabble for TimelineBut Fotobabble for Timeline offers even more ways to engage your customers with photos and voice on Facebook. Let us count the ways:

Better User Experience 

Fotobabble for Timeline takes full advantage of the larger real estate and provides your users an even better experience as they interact with your brand. Like gating pages, landing pages, galleries and photos are all more compelling than ever.

Big Beautiful Photos…

With Fotobabble for Timeline you can now display big beautiful photos that have never been seen on Facebook before. Photos can be up to 810px wide providing even better ways to promote your brand, products and services and user generated content

And in Newsfeeds

Fotobabble for Timelines lets you feature exceptional content by creating full width posts in your newsfeeds and anchoring them to the top of your page – a great alternative to custom landing pages.

And in Ads and Offers 

Timeline lets you convert your newsfeeds into ads and offers. That means you can also convert photos and Talking Photos that are posted on newsfeed via Fotobabble for Timeline. For example, if you run a Talking Photo contest and one of your customers offers up a dynamite testimonial for your product. you can post that testimonial to your newsfeed. And you can also turn the Talking Photo into an ad. If you have any questions, call us and well show you how.

Those are some of the things that Timeline lets you do. But we heard our customers and added even more new improvements to Fotobabble for Timeline:

Run Multiple Tabs for Photo Contests/Campaigns

The new and improved Fotobabble for Timeline lets you install multiple Facebook tabs per brand page and run multiple photo contests or campaigns. Use one tab to showcase your products and services, another tab to promote content from a previous campaign and run a new contest all at the same time.

Major Metrics

You asked and now you receive. Our new metrics let you track when and how (via email, Facebook or other) a photo or Talking Photo in Fotobabble for Timeline is shared; How many people it was shared with; and how many views that share generated. Just like this (realizing that the data here is just for testing purposes):

So install Fotobabble for Timeline today and let us know what think. We’d love your feedback!

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