Ask and Ye Shall Receive: The Fotobabble SlideShow!

First, there were photos. Then the photos learned to talk, and was born!

Since then, fabulous Fotobabblers around the world have been busy creating and sharing  talking photos and warm wishes with friends and family.  Teachers and students use Fotobabble for dynamic class projects, and brands and small businesses have even leveraged Fotobabble to add a new edge to their social media presence.

Today Fotobabble is proud to announce the first version of the Talking Slideshow. Now you can string your Fotobabbles together to create web-based presentations, digital stories, virtual tours, and anything else your creative mind comes up with.¬† Remember, this is an early, early testing version with just the basics. We’d love to get your feedback on what more you’d like to see and how you expect to use Fotobabble slideshows in your business, teaching, nonprofit, or personal life.

See and hear about Flat Stanley’s California adventure in the slideshow below:

(Find out more about Flat Stanley here)

Ready to try it out?

  1. Go to the slideshow page and follow these steps to create your own:
    1. Create a series of Fotobabbles (make sure they’re “public”)
    2. Tag them all with the same, unique tag (i.e. FlatStanleyCA)
    3. Enter the slide number (i.e., where the Fotobabble should go in the slide show)
    4. Search for the unique tag in the search bar
    5. After your search results appear, click the slideshow link
    6. Share your slideshow!
  2. Post the link to your slideshow on our Facebook page, email it to or tweet it @Fotobabble
  3. Share it and enjoy!

Thanks for your support and enthusiasm, Fotobabblers!

Keep on ‘babbling.

The Fotobabble Team

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5 Responses to Ask and Ye Shall Receive: The Fotobabble SlideShow!

  1. Miguel says:

    Is there a version coming for Android??

  2. John Vasko says:

    Okay, So I just created a slideshow. I love the feature. Thanks for adding it. It takes fotobabble to a whole new level. One thing I don’t understand… Why do the photos in the slideshows appear so small? There’s no way to view them full screen either… Any changes to this for the future?

  3. Marilyn says:

    OK – just tried to create a slideshow. I tagged my photobabbles w/ same name – but they didn’t show up on a search.

    • Fotobabble says:

      Thanks, Marilyn–what was the tag?

      Also, were your Fotobabbles made “public”. For now, the slideshow feature only works for public Fotobabbles.

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