Extending the Reach of Live Events with Fotobabble

Live events are the perfect way to bring like-minded people together for a few hours or days.  Concerts, festivals, parties and conference create instant community, but their attendance time frame are necessarily limited.  What if you could extend the life of these events and reach audiences across the world and the web?

Fotobabble’s solutions for live events leverage the power of voice+photo and mobile technology to broaden the reach of face-to-face events.  Read on to find out how organizations like iVillage, Social-Loco, and KPCC public radio made the most of their live events with Fotobabble.

Concerts and Music Festivals with Fotobabble

Who:  iVillage
What: Wanderlust Yoga and Music Festival – Visit the microsite here.

At the Wanderlust festival, event organizers set up a Fotobabble iPhone “booth” where attendees posed and recorded their favorite moments from the event.  After Wanderlust was over, participants visited the site to view and share the Fotobabbles via Facebook, Twitter or email.

With Fotobabble’s web and mobile apps, artists and fans can quickly create rich media content to share with friends around the web.  A gallery of Fotobabble talking photos preserves the emotion and excitement of attendees, captured in the moment using Fotobabble mobile.

Three things to try out at your Fotobabble Music Event:

  1. Interview your artist tete-a-tete backstage.
  2. Create a Fotobabble slideshow of the event narrated by the artists.
  3. Give fans a voice–invite them to Fotobabble their favorite concert moments to share with friends who couldn’t be there in person.

Conferences and Networking Events with Fotobabble

Who: Converge Labs, the Future of Geo, Social and Local Conferences
What: The Geo-Loco Conference – Click to visit the fan page.

At the Geo-Loco event, roving reporters captured vendor profiles with the Fotobabble iPhone and posted them to the Geo-Loco Facebook Fan Page in real-time.

Fotobabble’s mobile-to-Facebook solution amplifies your event’s message.  Face-to-face contacts attendees make on location are endure in the social media sphere, and valuable introductions and memories can be played back on Facebook, twitter, blogs and iPhones.


Fotobabble for Tours and Exhibits

Los Angeles public radio station KPCC used Fotobabble to create a talking slideshow of historic photos of the city’s beloved Wilshire boulevard.  Their announcers’ narration coupled with the historic and contemporary photos transports viewers to that place and time.  It is digital story-telling at its best. View the slideshow on their site, or on Fotobabble.com.

Fotobabble slideshows can be created on our web and Facebook applications.  To learn more about how to make a Fotobabble slideshow, see this post.

Fotobabble’s different solutions–iPhone/iPad app, slideshows, Facebook app and hosted microsites–offer many ways to create and share memories from live events that stay alive through social media.

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