Faster, better – New features of Fotobabble Social Marketing Suite

The Fotobabble Social Marketing Suite just got faster and better. With our new release early next week and migration from Flash to HTML5, you’ll see faster page load times and better support for mobile devices and tablets. And there’s more! You’ll be able to:

    • Gather email addresses of your Facebook Fans (with their permission of course) when they use the Fotobabble Facebook App.
    • Create a custom landing page for the Fotobabble Facebook App. We’ve always had a “like-gating” page — check out the Sacramento Kings’ Talking “Like-Gating” Page — and now you can present a landing page to your fans who already like you.
    • Add audio from an external source to your photo. Upload or specify a URL to an MP3 file. It’s as easy as a song.
    • Use iFrame embed code to get the benefits of HTML5 on your own website or blog.
    • Pin” Fotobabbles to Pinterest to share easily and organize your Talking Photos.

With this update, the free version of Fotobabble’s Facebook App is limited to eight Talking Photos and has a small Fotobabble branded banner across the top. If you want to upgrade to the full version, please contact us (see below).

Fotobabble’s Social Marketing Suite is designed to help you attract, engage and interact with your fans. The suite includes the Fotobabble Facebook App, iPhone App, and Website Widget and helps you:

    • Attract, engage and interact with audiences across the web, mobile devices, and social networks like Twitter and Facebook.
    • Create unique user-generated photo contests and promotions.
    • Drive high levels of audience participation with content creation, voting, commenting, and sharing features.
    • Captivate your visitors by using your own voice (or pre-recorded audio) to tell stories, describe products or narrate a slideshow.
    • Use our mobile app to capture, post, and share mobile photos and audio from anywhere in real time.
    • Grow your fan base with our Facebook Fan Page “Like-Gating” feature.
    • Integrate your marketing campaigns across all of your web and social channels.

Check out our previous blog entry to see how the Backstreet Boys, Sacramento Kings, EA Games, Target and other brands and organizations are using Fotobabble’s Social Marketing Suite.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please email, call a sales representative at (916) 504-2525 or complete the contact us form at 

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