Fotobabble + SXSW

Fotobabble will be in full force at SXSW in a few weeks. We’ll be capturing the mayhem and excitement of SXSW with “Talking Photos” – stay tuned for our SXSW gallery! 

For those of you headed to SXSW, stop by our booth (Booth 747) and promote yourself or your business with our Talking Photobooth. We’ll be taking Talking Photos featuring your “SXSW pitch” and sharing the heck out it on Facebook and with the SXSW community. It’s a great (and fun) way to get some free buzz and exposure. Plus, everyone who does a Talking Photo has the chance to win an iPad 3! So, stop by Booth 747 and promote yourself – just bring your pitch and your game face, we’ll do the legwork of promoting you.

Fotobabble will also be a part of the SXSW GooseChase – a massive SXSW-themed scavenger hunt that features hot new start-ups as the object of the hunt. GooseChase is an app you can use to create awesome scavenger hunts for team-building, promotions, or just plain fun. We’ll be one of the stops along the way, so get in on the GooseChase and come take a Talking Photo!

Find us at Booth 747 at the SXSW Interactive Trade Show (March 12-15).  

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