Best Practices to Get the Most From Your Fotobabble Social Media Marketing Platform

Now that you’ve got the Fotobabble Social Media Marketing Platform, let’s walk you through how to customize it to maximize the ways your business can benefit from using Fotobabble.

The following best practices provide you with tips and strategies to hook and engage fans, get great user-generated content, and run high-performing marketing campaigns.


1. Getting Started 

The Fotobabble Social Media Marketing Platform comes with three tools: 

  • Facebook Timeline App: Combine Talking Photos with Facebook to drive ‘Likes’ and let users create, enhance, share, comment, and vote. Take full advantage of all Timeline has to offer with big, beautiful photos.

    Perfect for: Fan engagement, branding, running contests, inspiring user-generated content

  • Website Widget: Publish interactive galleries and slide shows automatically to any website.

    Perfect for: Integrating user-generated content from Facebook or elsewhere into your own website

  • iPhone App: Capture photos and audio in real time.

    Perfect for: Events, mobile fan engagement, creating Talking Photos on-the-go, live blogging

Visual Design of Page/App

Now that you’ve installed the Facebook Timeline App, customize it with your own branding. Using the Admin Tool, you can:

  • Create your own landing pages to reflect your brand or use our default landing page

  • Add your own banners (tip: include a theme that is eye-catching and a call to action for better results. Display banner and photos in the largest format available (810px) to take full advantage of screen real estate)

  • Change the name of the app to match your campaign in the list of tabs on the left of the page

  • Customize the Header and Sub-header text on all pages

  • You can run multiple tabs for contests/campaigns/like-gates, so you can organize your content and marketing material however you like.

Other Cool Features:

  • Use one of our design templates to meet your seasonal needs

  • Produce a slideshow

    • When you check the ‘Enable Slideshow’ box, all Talking Photos created will be viewed as part of a slideshow

2. How to use the App to meet your goals

The Fotobabble App is designed to be customized in order to to meet your specific goals. Here are some best practices on how you can use the App to:

1. Increase the number of ‘Likes’ on your Fan Page


  • Check the box for ‘Like-Gating’. Use our default page or create your own. (tip: you can use a Talking Photo for your Like-Gating page!)

  • Track the number of ‘Likes’ you gain during your campaign

  • Encourage your fans to click the ‘Share’ button when viewing their Fotobabble so they can post to their own Facebook Walls, Twitter and send as a email to friends

2. Engage your fans


  • Check the box to ‘Enable User-Generated Content’ to get your fans involved in your campaign

  • Include lots of clear instructions about your campaign and what you want the user to do

    -Include instructions on your landing page and banner (e.g. if this is a contest,        include a prize)

    -Include custom header and sub-header text that provides instructions on what your fans should do on each page of the Fotobabble creation process

  • Customize the ‘Create Your Own’ button to give the user clear instructions on how to create their own Talking Photo

  • Encourage sharing of the content – click the ‘Share’ button and fans can post their content to Facebook, Twitter and send as an email

  • ‘Enable Audio’ to allow users to record an audio message with their photo (tip: add text in the header of the ‘Record’ page asking fans to record a message)

3. Run a contest


  • Check the box to enable ‘User-Generated Content’ to get your fans involved in your contest

  • Check the box to enable ‘User Voting’ to allow fans to vote on their own or other Talking Photos

  • Your landing pages should include a call to action and instructions to encourage fans to vote

  • Your promotional material that drives users to your fan page should include instructions to encourage fans to vote

  • You can run multiple tabs for photo contests/campaigns, so you can have one tab to showcase your products and services and another to run a new contest.

4. Increase Sharing


  • Encourage fans to ‘Share’ by asking them to share with friends on your landing page, creation pages, etc

  • Make your campaign about getting the most number of ‘Views’ or ‘Votes’

  • Customize the text displayed when a Fotobabble is shared on your Facebook wall and fans’ walls

5. Promote Your Brand on Facebook


  • Take full advantage of Facebook Timeline by using big photos to promote your brand, product, services, and user-generated content (tip: Display banner and photos in the largest format available (810px) on Facebook)

  • Convert photos, Talking Photos, or user-generated content into ads and offers on Facebook. (e.g. if you run a contest and a user creates a Talking Photo that is a dynamite testimonial for your product, you can turn the Talking Photo into an ad that will show up for your target audience on Facebook)

6. Produce Great User-Generated Content for Your Fan Page and Website

Check the box to ‘Enable User Generated Content’ if you would like your fans to contribute their own content to your contest, fan page, or website.

To enhance the user experience and further engage your fans, configure the following before your launch:

  • ‘Enable Facebook Comments’ so that other fans can comment on the content

  • Add a button at the bottom of each Fotobabble if you want it to link back to an external website

  • Add borders to the photo to generate a unique look for all Talking Photos

  • Check ‘Enable User Voting’ if you are running a contest and include your Contest Rules on the ‘Create Fotobabble’ page

  • If you want your fans to record audio, be sure to emphasize that in all of your promotional material, landing page, banner and make sure to check the box to ‘Enable Audio’.

Adding mobile capabilities

Encourage your fans to use their Fotobabble iPhone App to upload content to your Fan Page.

In the Admin Tool, check the box to ‘Enable Mobile Uploads’ and identify a unique Mobile App Tag that can be used to post the Fotobabble directly to the Facebook App Gallery.

Encourage fans to install the Fotobabble App on their iPhone/iPad/iTouch and identify the unique tag in all of your promotional material.

Successful campaigns take advantage of every feature in the social, web and mobile Fotobabble channels.

3. Promote

A social marketing campaign can only thrive with the right promotion. Use every channel available to reach your fans, customers, and potential customers.

Make a clear, concise plan that includes:

  • A clear start and end date for the campaign

  • A promotional plan that includes multiple touch points and regular communication throughout the length of your campaign (e.g. if you are promoting the campaign on your Facebook page, be sure to “Pin” the post on Timeline, so it does not move off the first page).

  • All promotional content should include a call to action that drives the viewer to the Fotobabble Facebook App

  • Encourage your fans to create and share the content on Facebook, Twitter

  • Organize the content in your Gallery by featuring the best content, making sure it shows up first in the gallery

  • Post featured Talking Photos on your Wall on a regular basis to increase excitement and encourage participation

4. Review and Evaluate

Use the Fotobabble built-in metrics tools to evaluate the success of your campaign during and after your campaign.

  • Using the Dashboard, monitor how many Talking Photos were created, how many ‘Views’ and ‘Votes’ there were (tip: Track this on a daily or weekly basis)

  • Track how many new fans were generated during your campaign

  • Track when and how photos were shared, how many people it was shared with, and how many views that share generated

  • Review the content – what was the quality of the user-generated content?

  • Ask fans and customers for feedback via Facebook or Twitter or on your website

In addition to this Best Practices Guide, Fotobabble has a customer support center that can help you with your Facebook App. Reach out to us at We want to help you make your campaign is a success!

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