Four of Our Favorite Social Marketing Campaigns

Fotobabble’s Facebook, mobile and web apps put user-generated content at the center of our customers’ online contests and campaigns.  We’ve compiled some of our favorite examples to help you get started with your own photo+audio-powered campaign.

Company: Our365
“Tickle Me Baby” Visit the fan page, here.

What is it? Fans and friends of Our365 used the Fotobabble app on their Facebook page to create talking photos of their babies with a recording of their babies laughter.

Why we love it: This contest not only builds community engagement, it gives participants a giggling baby photo to share with friends and family–what could be sweeter? And, Our365’s fans created over 300 talking photos!

Company: Dogster
The Dogster Bark Translator.  Visit the fan page, here.

What is it?  Just like it sounds: Dogster fans use the Fotobabble app for Facebook to create and share talking photos of their furry best friends by recording a funny “translation” of what they imagine their dog would say.

Why we love it: Dogster’s fans make this campaign work with their great sense of humor and love for their dogs!  So far more than seventy Dogster lovers have shared their “translations”.


Who:  Harlem NYC.  Visit the fan page, here.
Community Gallery

What is it?  Fans and members of the Harlem community share talking photos of life in their neighborhood on Harlem’s fan page

Why we love it: This community gallery brings real-life neighbors together in a digital community with the power of voice and photo.

Organization: Monterey County Weekly.
Halloween Costume Contest

What is it?  MC Weekly fans showed off their costumes to win prizes using the Fotobabble App for Facebook.
Why we love it:
 This contest gave fans an opportunity to show off their costumes, create talking Halloween greetings, and spread the word about the Monterey paper in a fun, compelling way.

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