Get Mobile with the iPhone Fotobabble App – Energize Events and More

The iPhone Fotobabble App lets you to capture the energy and excitement of concerts, trade shows, parties, and other events in real-time and share it via social media.

With the App, you can take pictures of event attendees and capture audio — fan testimonials or share-worthy moments. Or engage your fans and let them capture content on their mobile phones. Either way, the iPhone Fotobabble App brings the life of the party to your social network.

After all the planning, sweat, and beers you put into throwing a great event, why not celebrate and share your successes. You can build community and engage your fans and customers with Fotobabble’s iPhone App – and even better, it’s easy to set up.

How to Get Started:

1. Install iPhone App and register as a user

2. Settings

    • Log in with Username and Password
    • Choose Public settings On or Off (if you want your Fotobabbles private, mark Off)
    • Default Tags – Enter unique tag you entered in your Facebook app if you want to connect
    • Sharing – Link your Facebook and/or Twitter account

3. Create a “Talking Photo”

    • Click on App
    • Take a photo or choose one from an album
    • Press record and record audio

 4. Edit – Photo editing features by Aviary 

 5. More – Select a theme for your Fotobabble

 6. Share – Make sure you hit share to save your Fotobabbles

    • Change the photo name
    • Don’t forget to include the tag to post to a particular Facebook page if you didn’t set the default tag
    • Enable Facebook sharing
    • Choose other sharing options (e-mail, Twitter) 

7. Check out your new Fotobabble on Facebook

How to Connect your Facebook Fan Page with the iPhone App:

Check out the instructions on how to download the app on your Facebook Page.

Once you have the App set up on your Facebook Fan Page, click on the Customize link and scroll down and check the box Enable Mobile Uploads and enter a unique Mobile App Tag. Make sure you scroll all the way down and click on Update to save.

Then go to the app on your iPhone and enter the same unique mobile tag. Now the Fotobabbles you create will be linked to your Facebook Fan Page. Fotobabbles will be automatically uploaded to the App as you create them.

See How Businesses and Nonprofits Have Captured Events On-the-Go with the Fotobabble iPhone App 

VatorSplash 2012: We here at Fotobabble served as roving reporters and used our own App to snap shots of up-and-coming entrepreneurs and tech whizzes at VatorSplash 2012, an evening of panels and networking sessions for start-ups. Click here to enjoy VatorSplash 2012.

Wanderlust: This popular music festival used the Fotobabble iPhone App to capture moments of the festival to document the experience and share the excitement with fans. Enjoy Wanderlust here.

Geo-Loco: Geo-loco used Talking Photos to interview attendees, entrepreneurs, and fans. Click here to hear them.

Saltire Foundation: Saltire Foundation used the Fotobabble iPhone App to capture testimonials from donors and fellowship recipients speaking to the importance of the foundation’s work and posted them to a microsite. Learn more about Saltire Foundation’s good work here.


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