Give the Gift of Voice for the Holidays!

Whether you use our apps for fun, in the classroom, or for marketing, Fotobabble has something for everyone this holiday season.  Let talking holiday cards put a smile on your face when you send warm wishes with a talking photo.

Fotobabble makes it easy to create and share talking e-greetings from iPhones and iPads, Facebook or the web.  See two we really like, below, complete with festive backgrounds.


Here are five example Fotobabble prompts for the holidays (and feel free to use them!)

  • Gather your family and friends around the computer (or iPhone) and to send warm wishes to faraway loved ones.
  • Upload your photo and record the top five items on your list for Santa Claus (kids of all ages can submit!) Next, share the Fotobabble with all the “Santas” in your life.
  • Sing part of your favorite Christmas carol or play a tune for a “singing telegram” Fotobabble.
  • Choose a photo from the “ugly sweater party” or holiday bash and send a fun thank-you to your host.
  • Record kids’ Christmas-morning excitement to use for digital, talking thank you cards.

Do you have another great idea?  Share it in the comments below, tweet it @Fotobabble, or email us at


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