Give Your Customers the Gift of Voice, Too!

Brands and organizations can use the Fotobabble Social Marketing Suite to give customers fun, free talking photos while generating Facebook likes.  Users create and send holiday greetings like these directly from a fan page:

Creating a successful promotion with Fotobabble depends on the details.  We’ve noticed that users respond to specific directives: for example, why not invite fans to create talking wish lists for Santa using your Fotobabble app for Facebook?  Or ring in the New Year with Fotobabble and customers to share their resolutions with talking photos.  For even more fun ways to use Fotobabble for the holidays, check out this post.

The Fotobabble Social Marketing Suite keeps on giving year round.  Use it for winter holiday promotions now, and other seasonal (Valentine’s Day!) and non-seasonal promotions later.

Want to learn more about the Fotobabble Social Marketing Suite for your brand or organization?  Email us at 

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