Holiday Greeting Cards For Your Fans: Share the Gift of Voice!

This holiday season, give your customers something fun and cool to share. With Fotobabble’s Facebook app, you can give them free talking e-cards personalized with their photo and voice that they can easily send.

A Fotobabble makes for a knockout holiday greeting, not to mention a paperless, surprising companion to traditional cards.  Social marketing campaigns with the Fotobabble app for Facebook fan pages let you give fans an unique holiday creation to share around the web and spread the word about your business along the way.

What’s in it for your business? Drive deeper engagement with your fan page. Promote viral sharing. Attract new fans to your Facebook Page.


It’s easy to install the Fotobabble app for Facebook, and even easier for fans to create talking holiday cards like this one:

Facebook fans can easily create audio+photo greetings directly from an organization’s fan page in three steps:

  1. Fans click “Create a Talking Holiday Card”
  2. Next, they select a photo from  their Facebook albums or upload one
  3. Lastly, they’ll record an audio greeting–then play it back and re-record…

Once the Fotobabble greeting has been created, fans see a prompt to share the card on their Facebook wall, in a message, or via email.  An embed code for blogs and websites is immediately created, too.  All that in under two minutes!

Ready to get started?  Find the app at App Bistro, to install it on a fan page, or contact us for more information.





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