Journeys for Good: The Global Orphan Project in Haiti

Sarah Lynch, a friend of Fotobabble, volunteered with The Global Orphan Project in Haiti this past November. She traveled to some of the country’s most devastated regions where she worked alongside community members to care for children orphaned by the recent disaster.  Sarah captured the joyful moments she had playing and singing with the children she met in Port au Prince and shared them with friends around the world.  We were honored to be included among them.

Watch the slideshow below to see and hear her experience:

The “GO Project”, or “GO”, is supported by a global grassroots network
of givers and volunteers working to care for orphaned children in
some of the economically poorest places on earth.  By mobilizing local churches the GO Project brings love, faith, and a sense of security to the must vulnerable children in these communities. (

During the holiday season, consider giving to an organization that makes hope and love possible for many children in Haiti.  The Global Orphan Project: How to Give.

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