Local Natives @ State Theater, St.Petersburg FL

I have been a huge fan of Local Natives since I first saw them at Spaceland in Silverlake, CA many years ago. When I saw that they were playing in St.Petersburg, I was extremely excited they were coming here. It was my first time at State Theater in downtown St.Pete, it’s a pretty small and intimate venue and the crowd was young. The opening act, was Moses Sumney, a solo musician who used a lot of layering with his vocals and played electric guitar on some of his songs. I have never heard of him before and it was his very first tour. He is extremely talented with his wide range of vocals and his songs were beautiful. He did one cover song, by the Majical Clouds, which is another band I enjoy. The Local Natives came on afterwards and as always from start to finish have the most energy that hypes up the entire crowd. They played songs from Gorilla Manor, Hummingbird, and a brand new cover from a never released song by Johnny Cash. Click on the photo thumbnails below to hear live audio from the show. If you have not heard of Local Natives, be sure to check them out and go see them when they come to your city! They are one of my favorite bands ever and always put on an incredible show! I also had the pleasure of running into Ryan Hahn, one of the guitarist/vocalist after the show. I was heading back to my car when my camera strap broke and I stopped back at the theater to regroup when I saw him. He is an extremely friendly and down to earth guy. So happy my strap broke otherwise I wouldn’t have run into him. Cheers!

Photos © Stonia Seng

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