NEW – “Pin” your Fotobabbles (i.e. Talking Photos) to Pinterest

You can now “pin” your Fotobabbles to Pinterest, the fastest growing social media site ever. Pinterest allows you to bookmark and organize images you find on the Internet onto online “pinboards”. From there, you can share your boards easily with friends or fans.

Why pin Talking Photos?

Pinterest lets you organize and categorize your Fotobabbles and share your interests, ideas, and Talking Photos with friends.

Redecorating your living room? ”Pin” Fotobabbles of retro couches with your own narration for quick reference later. Soon-to-be brides can “pin” Fotobabbles of bridal gown ideas to share with friends. “Pin” Talking Photos of your family, your pet, or your latest culinary creations to share with the Pinterest world and Facebook.

For businesses, “pinning” your Fotobabbles can drive large amounts of traffic to your website. You can create pinboards of product images with narration and link them back to your website – just like an online catalog. From there, Pinterest users can click through to your website or re-pin your photos to their own boards.

Using Pinterest and Fotobabble together can help engage fans and followers with photos and personalized narration. “Pin” Fotobabbles of your restaurant’s most tantalizing entrees or your store’s new line of jeans. You can even “pin” pictures of your office party to introduce your fans to the people behind your brand. Although, you might want to leave out those scandalous Fotobabbles … maybe only the ones taken before 10pm.

Take a tour of Fotobabble’s online pinboards here.

How to pin?

“Pin” your Talking Photo in 5 easy steps:

1) Request an invitation to Pinterest
2) Once you receive an invite, sign up for Pinterest using Facebook or Twitter. Follow the instructions to install the “Pin It” button on your Bookmarks Bar
3) Find the Talking Photo you want to “Pin”
4) Click “Pin It” on Your Bookmarks Bar
5) Assign Your Talking Photo to a Pinboard


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