Talking Slideshows in the Classroom (or the Boardroom)!

We Fotobabblers are a diverse bunch: the head of our support team is a rock star (literally), our marketing pro is a former volleyball pro, our CEO built Fotobabble, runs it, and still makes time to mentor young people in Bay Area schools…and I write the blog, but I’m also a high school teacher.

The point is, we all find unique ways to use Fotobabble in our various pursuits, and today I discovered the power of a Fotobabble slideshow in a high school French class.  As you read,  imagine how you could use a similar strategy in your next class, or in a team meeting–Oh, the possibilities!

My first year French students practiced pronouncing numbers out loud with the slideshow embedded below.  As it played and students tried to “beat the computer” (by saying the numbers before the Fotobabble audio played), I had a few minutes to pass back quizzes, checked off homework assignments and kept the students engaged in learning–en même temps.  Oh la la! The slideshow was easy to create–I made the Fotobabbles using images from a Google search and tagged them with the same tag.  For complete slideshow instructions, read this post.

After class ended, I reflected on the success of lessons using Fotobabble slideshows: in a language class, the “Talking Slideshow” makes perfect sense.  It’s an activity similar to flashcard drills (but more fun), takes only a few minutes, and gets students engaged in the lesson quickly. But how, I wondered, will teachers in other subject areas use Talking Slideshows?

Maybe social studies teachers will create Fotobabbles using images of figures from history–contemporary, well known, very historic, and little known–to invite students with higher oral and visual intelligences to participate more in class.  Better yet, students could create the Fotobabbles which would later be used in a Talking Slideshow activity.

You know better than I do.  Go test out the Fotobabble slideshow!  Share your creations via Twitter, Facebook, or here on the blog.

Lastly, while I was watching the slideshow this morning, I realized that I wished it had a full screen option–and that’s the beauty of the beta phase!  We’re constantly testing our new products, but we need your feedback, too!

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