Wanderlust: Squaw Valley 2015

Photos by © Stonia Seng

Wanderlust! Wanderlust! Wanderlust! What a wonderful and magical experience! I was able to attend the Lululemon opening party at the Stables on Thursday and it was in such a serene setting with the mountains surrounding us. They had a fun themed dinner with seven teepees representing the seven chakras with various food that helps align your chakras. Tahoe Cielo, a local aerialist group also did a great performance at the party. The Wanderlust Spectacular had extremely talented performers, dancers, and poets entertaining the wanderlusters. I took a great yoga class with Seane Corn with Michael Franti and his guitarist doing an acoustic set during the class. I also took part of an incredibly fun Prana Vinyasa yoga class with Shiva Rea with DJ Drez playing Bob Marley and Lou Lou and Natalia from Thievery Corporation singing vocals. Shiva had everyone dancing and chanting with all smiles all around.  I attend amazing panels with Amanda Chantal Bacon talking about loving food, health, and sex dust. Preston Smiles was a great motivational speaker who is a messenger of love and brought the emotions and love in the room. Michael Franti and his band brought their positive lyrics and vibes and had everyone dancing all night long. Rob Garza from Thievery Corporation did a DJ set on Friday night and killed it. His set was one of the best electronic sets I have heard in a long time. If you want a positive, inspiring, educational, dance filled and physical experience, be sure to attend a Wanderlust Festival near you!

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