5 Fantastic Ways to Use Talking Photos in the Classroom.

So, you’re an educator and you’ve just discovered Fotobabble: fantastic!  Now what will you do with it in the classroom?  Luckily for you, hundreds of teachers have tested it out already.   Read on for some quick tips and links to student Fotobabbles and class projects that use them, then be sure to share your tips for Fotobabble in the classroom in the comments section below!

The Short List: 5 Fun, Easy Ways to Start ‘Babbling

1.  Have students interpret their art projects, stories, or other classwork using Fotobabble:
A Winter Story

2.  Show off class field trips using a Fotobabble:

3.  Give voice to a character in a book, or from history (Arthur Dimmsdale comes to life!)

4. Use Fotobabble to give language learners more opportunities to speak:
“This Lunch was Awesome”

5. Fotobabble about your cool school garden (this one is my favorite):
“Bird Scarer!”

Fotobabble on the Blogs:

Collaboration across a big, big ocean: http://collaboration-corner.blogspot.com/2010/03/australia-zoes-lunch.html

Tumeke 12 uses Fotobabble to make Martians talk: http://twelve2010.blogspot.com/2010/05/martian-monsters.html

Share a family story, like Agustin’s:   http://lodelaingli.posterous.com/agustins-fotobabble

Tell us what you and your students are doing with Fotobabble in the comments below, tweet us @Fotobabble, or post to the Fotobabble Facebook wall.  Now, go get ‘babbling!

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